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You can learn Mandarin in China and be paid! This is not a jock. You will be paid A$200 per week and a return ticket to China if you can work as a kindergarten teacher for six months. You will also have free accommodation and the foods in China is […]

Be paid to learn Mandarin in China

Pin Yin is very important for Mandarin learners. It help you with the pronunciation and you also need to know Pin Yin to look up the dictionary. Mandarin teachers also need to type Pin Yin for their worksheet. A lot people found it is not easy to type Pin Yin. […]

Convert Pin Yin to Mandarin (Chinese)

One of our tutor is a certified Mandarin and Japanese teacher. She taught Japanese in China, Mandarin in Japan and both Mandarin and Japanese in Singapore and Australia. I once asked her the difference of learning Mandarin and Japanese for English speakers, below are some tips. Mandarin and English has […]

Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese Difference

Just read an article about the tutor research result. It seems more and more parents are paying tutors for their kids these days. Though there are many cheap on line tutor website, only 2% people choose online tutor. Most of the parents (over 60%) prefer one-on-one Tutor. This is even […]

One-on-One tutor preferred

There are couple of Chinese IME (Input Method Editor) for Chinese. I used Zi Guang as well as QQ, both of them are much better than the default MS IME. However, it is very hard to find a good Japanese IME. Now, Google Japanese IME is available. I tried today, […]

Google Japanese Input

There a lot of on line Chinese language schools and tutors. Some of them have very good contents and useful tools. We will introduce some of them in our future blog. However, will Online Chinese Schools or tutors can replace local Chinese (Mandarin) schools like us? The answer is NO. […]

On line or On person

It is cool to have your name translated into Chinese. There are many websites offer free name translations. This is the one I found, it may not be the best, but it is good because you can find the most popular girl’s name and boy’s name as well as popular […]

Chinese name

There are many online Mandarin (Chinese) dictionaries. I found 词库 (Ci Ku) is one of the best. It is very easy to use. You can search by Pin Yin or hand writing and even by English word. It not only gives the definition of the word but also a lot […]

Online Mandarin (Chinese) Dictionary