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Are you sturggle with School homework and assignments? If so, Please join our Intensive Japanese Class  at Brisbane City Centre. You will get all the help ( include writing, listening reading and speaking)from our qualified teacher with many years experience. Day and time: Tuesday afternoon 3:40pm – 5:10pm The dats […]

High School Japanese Intensive Class at CBD

Does being bilingual make you smarter? Scientific Learning found: Bilingualism improves executive function Executive function is the control system of the mind, responsible for focus, planning & attention The benefits of bilingualism start as early as seven months of age Young bilinguals may develop stronger problem-solving skills, have more empathy, […]

Why Bilinguals are Smarter

Learn all skills in a variety of situations with fun, Suitable for people who have never studied before. Learn not only language but also culture and customs. You will benefit from our experience teacher of more than 20 years in teaching Japanese, also Japanese proficiency test writer. The course timetable […]

2017 Term 1 Japanese For Absolute Beginner Group ...

Our Children’s Mandarin Classes only cater for children from English Speaking backgrounds aged from 4 to 15 years of age. Our new beginnger class commence on 28 of Jan 2017 term 1,  Our teacher coming from Beijing, has  more than 26 years teaching experience and received “ Excellent Teaching Award” […]

Kids Mandarin for English Speaking Background Enroll In 2017