Mandarin (Chinese)

The most expensive cost of language study for children is their age and their interest. How about the cost of language study for an adult? If you Google Mandarin or Japanese tutor, you will find many tutors and some of them charge very cheap. How to find a suitable Japanese […]

Cost of language study for adults

21st century is the Asia century. China is now the 1st trade partner of Australia. Mandarin (Chinese) is a very popular 2nd languages in Australian schools. Many parents want to find a good Mandarin (Chinese) class for their children. One of the most important factor to choose a Chinese class […]

What is the cost of the language study?

Many language schools have time tables on their website with different levels at different times. Students check their time and enrol into one of the classes. Do you need a timetable to learn Mandarin or Japanese? We do not have class time table on our website, and many students wants […]

Do you need a timetable to learn Mandarin or Japanese?

So you decided to let your kids learn a second language, but how to chose a good language class? Here is the suggestion – SMILE: Small class: Children need attention and play with others, so a small class with 5-10 students is the best size. Our class is under 10 […]

How to choose a good language Class for your children?

Does being bilingual make you smarter? Scientific Learning found: Bilingualism improves executive function Executive function is the control system of the mind, responsible for focus, planning & attention The benefits of bilingualism start as early as seven months of age Young bilinguals may develop stronger problem-solving skills, have more empathy, […]

Why Bilinguals are Smarter

We are now offering Taiwan Intern program. A three months intern with a Taiwan architecture consulting company is now available. It is a great opportunity for University students to gain working experience with Chinese skills. We offer Mandarin (Chinese) language training before your Intern program. Please contact us for more […]

Taiwan Intern started

This course is designed for students who want to take HSK exam Level 1, enable to work or study in China. What is the HSK? The New HSK Chinese proficiency Test is officially and universally recognised as the only standardised exam against which the Chinese language proficiency of all non- […]

HSK Exam Preparation Course

This  holiday course is conducted by qualified Mandarin Language teacher who has more than 25 years teaching experience. Content: Help with writing, reading, listening and speaking. Focus on practicing grammar and sentence structure. Date: 4-8,July, Mon – Friday Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm Fee:    $195 Contact : 0405-073-523 or Fill […]

Mandarin (Chinese) Class for high school students in CBD