Mandarin (Chinese)

We now offer private lesson and personal tutoring for high school students who are preparing their OP and IB language exams, especially Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese OP and IB exam preparation. Our tutors are experienced in OP and IB exam preparation and there many ex-exam papers and practices to help […]

OP & IB private tutoring for Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese

It is very important to speak their language if you want to get their business, especially for tourism operators. Japanese tourists used to be the biggest Asia market in early 90s. Now the Chinese tourists are increasing over 30% every year. Kevin Rudd recently suggested all tourism operators and workers […]

Language, Languge, Language – Advice for tourism operators

It was lovely meeting you. You seem to be very passionate and serious about teaching, which is great. Emily said she really enjoyed the class yesterday. So much so that she started doing her homework once we got home! See you next next Sat regards Karen

Feedback from a new student’s Mum

You can learn Mandarin in China and be paid! This is not a jock. You will be paid A$200 per week and a return ticket to China if you can work as a kindergarten teacher for six months. You will also have free accommodation and the foods in China is […]

Be paid to learn Mandarin in China

Pin Yin is very important for Mandarin learners. It help you with the pronunciation and you also need to know Pin Yin to look up the dictionary. Mandarin teachers also need to type Pin Yin for their worksheet. A lot people found it is not easy to type Pin Yin. […]

Convert Pin Yin to Mandarin (Chinese)

One of our tutor is a certified Mandarin and Japanese teacher. She taught Japanese in China, Mandarin in Japan and both Mandarin and Japanese in Singapore and Australia. I once asked her the difference of learning Mandarin and Japanese for English speakers, below are some tips. Mandarin and English has […]

Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese Difference

Just read an article about the tutor research result. It seems more and more parents are paying tutors for their kids these days. Though there are many cheap on line tutor website, only 2% people choose online tutor. Most of the parents (over 60%) prefer one-on-one Tutor. This is even […]

One-on-One tutor preferred