Internship in China

If you want to take a gap year and find internship in China, we can help.

We now have partnership companies in China. The Chinese companies are willing to take intern students from Australia in design internship, export internship, engineering internship, English teacher internship and international business internship, especially students who have some basic Mandarin (Chinese) skills.

It is easy to start and safe to reach your goal in four EASY steps:

  1. Enquire: Contact us and let us know your expectation
  2. Assess: Interview and match your expectation with a Chinese company
  3. Study: Our Mandarin (Chinese) tutor will conduct a tailored personal training program for you to study language, culture and safety skills and knowledge.
  4. Yippee: Get the ticket and go for this great adventure.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

Give us a call and turn on a new page of your life.


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