On line or On person

There a lot of on line Chinese language schools and tutors. Some of them have very good contents and useful tools. We will introduce some of them in our future blog. However, will Online Chinese Schools or tutors can replace local Chinese (Mandarin) schools like us? The answer is NO.

In fact, we helped one Japanese company set up an on line English tutoring website back in 2002. We had two English tutors taking bookings from Japanese students and teach them English on line. The initial reaction was very good, but most of students dropped after couple of lesson. What we learn from this is:

Language is for communication, so you need to learn from PEOPLE not the PC. However, you can use online Chinese website for practice. As introduced before, Ciku is a good website to learn Chinese characters and listen to the pronunciation, however, you need a real tutor to correct your writing and pronunciation. The more impotent, you feel better to be encouraged by the tutor not the machine.

Contact us and see how we can help you. Ph: 0404647135, talk to real people.

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