Research shows that children who learn a second language tend to demonstrate enhanced listening and memory skills. Multilingual children have the ability to acquire the rules of many new languages as well. Children who are able to speak different languages also develop cross culture skills, awareness, and tend to be […]

Benefits of Kids Learning a Foreign Language

When should my kid start learning a second language? This is the question we were asked very often. The answer is the earlier the better. Many studies proved that children start learning a second language from kindergarten improve overall literacy and their understanding of another culture. The Federal Government started […]

Kindy language program

This course designed for people who have never studied Japanese before or minimal knowledge of the language. At the end of course, you should be able to perform basic tasks such as greetings, shopping , making appointment and talking daily activities etc. Reading and writing Hiragana also be introduced in […]

Japanese Beginner Class on Friday Evening every week

Kids Japanese Class The Course: Lyrebird Language Center offer Kids Japanese Class each school term, the class aims to help total beginners, particularly primary school students, build a solid foundation for learning Japanese as a second foreign language. The course is designed to emphasize the development of communication skills in […]

Japanese Class for Kids

Chinese language + Internship Program in Beijing The Internship program includes 8 week course which covers the basis of conversational Chinese. The Course runs for 8 weeks. Fees: discount packages for 8 Group lessons: $ 296 Time: Tuesday or Thursday afternoon 4:00pm – 5:30pm. Any future enquiries please contact us […]

Chinese Language Program + Internship in Beijing

Time to learn Chinese (Mandarin) for Business? Our Chinese Business Class for Beginner will open on Wednesday evening ( 7:00- 8:30pm)or Saturday morning (10:50- 12:20am). The class runs for 8 weeks. Fees: $144 for the first 4 sessions. Once a week (90 Min) The class is based in Brisbane north. […]

Chinese (Business) Beginner Group lesson

Our corporate training courses encompass special tailor made Language & cultural training programs which help to cater to corporate communication development and needs. We offer Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese training program. For private tutoring, Our training programs have a special focus on the development of the communication skills. Any future […]

Corporate training & Private Tutoring

19th Feb, is the start of the Chinese new year of 羊(Yang). Last week, there are so many people in the world celebrating Chinese New Year over the world. However, 羊(Yang) can be translated as Goat, Ram and Sheep. President Obama said in his greetings:”So whether you’re celebrating the Year […]

新春快乐,羊年大吉- Happy Year of Ram/Goat/Sheep

The first week of 2015 is gong. Have you made your 2015 resolution? Based on research result, the three popular resolutions are: Take an overseas trip Get a better job Have a better education If your 2015 resolution is one of the above , then a new language study will […]

2015 Resolutions- A new language will help you