We offer a comprehensive range of   language courses and culture training programs for companies. We have successfully run this programs for big organizations such as Rio Tinto, BG group, Ray White etc.  We have had very good feedback for those companies. Please contact us for more information. E: M: […]

Business Mandarin and Culture Training for Company

Looking to do business in China and don’t know the first thing about the language? Do you know the correct way to exchange business cards or how to introduce yourself without culturally offending your hosts? What are some of the most useful Chinese sentences to impress potential business partners? Our […]

Mandarin Class For Business People

Our Class for Non-Background speakers designed according to YCT ( Youth Chindren Test) Module. The New YCT is an internatioanl standardized test of Chinese Language proficiency , It assesses young foreign students’ abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives. The YCT is intended for students whose mother […]

Childrens Mandarin for Non-Background Speakers

we designed this Japanese class in Brisbane CBD for busy people like you. Text Book: Talk Japanese (BBC) We found this 100 pages (about) text book is the best for busy people to learn Japanese from scratch and find the confidence to talk Japanese after the course. Date: Every Monday, […]

Japanese For Busy People in CBD