Website translation and online marketing

If you want to do business with them, you have to talk in their language. This is especially true if you want

  • Chinese or Japanese students learn English in your school or college
  • Chinese or Japanese tourists to visit your shops, restaurants or other tourist attractions.

The Chinese and Japanese students and tourists will “Google” or “Baidu” or “Yahoo” in their own languages to find out where to study, stay, eat, shopping and play. So it is very important to have your website showing on the first page of the search result. I know this because I never look at the 2nd page and most of people do like me.

If they find you, be sure your website is good, otherwise, they will not visit your website again and will let their friends know your school website is bad. An English language school advised me they have a Chinese website, but I found it was translated by Google Translation!. Google translation is very useful if you travel overseas or try to find out what the website is about. However, if you use Google translation for your Chinese website, you are damaging your brand image. You got what you paid for.

Have you got a Chinese and Japanese website? If not, give us a call and we can show you how to improve your online marketing and attract more Chinese and Japanese customers.

Sounds good? Take action.

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