Why Mark Zuckerberg Studies Chinese Every Day

Mark Zuckerberg studies Chinese everyday.

He told the audience in Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing about his three reasons of learning Chinese language.

  1. “My wife is Chinese”: “I want to talk with her grandma, but she only speaks Chinese.” If you want to build a better relationship, the best way is to speak their language.
  2. “Chinese (Mandarin) help me understand the culture”. Learning a language is not only speak and listen, it opens a whole new world for you – the culture.
  3. “Mandarin is difficult, but I like challenge”: A lot of people think Chinese (Mandarin) is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world, especially to pick up in adulthood. However, Mr Zuckerberg proved this can be done if you have a growth mindset. By studying the language every day, Mark knows that with effort he can improve his Chinese language. And you can see his joyful face when he communicates in Mandarin with the Chinese students. The YouTube is here.

It is the effort rather than the talent that drives you to the success. 

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