2020 Chinese Characters

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2020 Chinese Characters

At the last week of 2020, let’s see what are the 2020 Chinese Characters voted by people where Chinese characters are used – China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The “Chinese Character of the Year” started in Japan from 1995. They choose ONE Chinese Character to indicate the most significate thing in the year. China (2006), Taiwan (2008), Malaysia (2011) and Singapore (2011) started their own Chinese Character of the Year later.


Japan 2020 Chinese Character

密 /mì/

Close – distance

Close – feeling

Keep physical distance, but close relationship.

China – domestic

2020 Chinese Character - China

民 /mín/


China International, Taiwan & Malaysia

2020 Chinese Character - Taiwan

疫 /yì/



2020 Chinese Character - Singpoare

罩 /zhào/

cover, overspread

China & Taiwan People

2020 Chinese Character - both

闷 /mèn,mēn/

闷 /mēn/ Verb:

shut indoors, cover tightly, stop speaking

闷 /mèn/ Adj

bored, depressed, in low sprite

As you can see, the most common 2020 Chinese Character is “疫 /yì/” (Pandemic).

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Note: All the Chinese character pictures are from 汉字屋 . A great webstie to learn Chinese Character.

2020 Chinese Character update:

Japan just revealed their best new created Chinese character in 2020.

This clever created new Chinese character clearly indicated “To Sit With Socical Distance” by moving one “人“(person) from side to side to a lower position. Hope the 2021 will be another new Chinese character with person siting on all the seats. Like indicated below.

2021 wish Chinese Character
2021 wish Chinese Character

Do you like Chinese characters? You may make your own Chinese character for 2021.

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