2021 HSK Dates in Brisbane – Update

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What are the 2021 HSK dates in Brisbane and how to prepare for the HSK exam in 2021? To answer the questions from our students we shared this information here.

There are three HSK test centres in Brisbane: the three Confucius Institutes at UQ, QUT and Griffith universities. However, only UQ Confucius Institute has published the 2021 HSK exam dates so far.

2021 HSK dates at UQ

  • March 20 (HSK), Saturday. Registration closed.
  • May 15 (HSK, HSKK), Saturday, registration close 14 April.
  • September 11 (HSK), Saturday, registration close 10 August  – Cancelled
  • December 5 (HSK, HSKK), Saturday, registration close 4 November 

2021 HSK dates at Griffith

It seems Griffith University also updated their HSK exam dates on their website. The table below is from their website. Please contact them for details.

If you want to sit for the HSK exam, please enrol and pay one month before the exam date.

How to prepare for the HSK exam?

  • Have a plan: make a reasonable plan based on your current level and the hours you can spend on HSK study. For each HSK level, you may need different hours. For example, you need 30 hours of study to pass HSK1 and HSK2.
  • Choose a proper course: To save your time and money, find a high reputation tutor to help you. A cheap hourly rate may not be the best option. You also need to choose from online or in-person classes; private or small group classes. We found different people may have different choices. Here is more about a class or private tutoring.
  • Follow the instruction: We use the best textbook for our HSK preparation courses. We encourage our students to focus on the textbook and help them improve their learning skills. If you follow our instructions, we can guarantee you pass HSK1 after you completed the HSK1 course.

How can we help?

  • Free consultation: Contact us to have a free consultation to help you make a study plan and choose a proper course.
  • Take your choice: You choose from an online or in-person, private or small group class. Please visit HSK preparation classes for more information.
  • HSK exam advice: We give you HSK mock exams and help you improve your weakness. We also teach you technics to pass the HSK exam. Many students find our advice is very useful and valuable. If you have learnt Chinese already and just want to sit for the HSK exam, you can join our 1.5- Hours HSK preparation private tutoring.

What do you need to do?

You can now book our online three-hour private lessons and pay by credit card.