Best Skill to learn during the lockdown

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What is the best skill to learn during the lockdown? We asked Mr. Google and the answer is: Language!

Best skill during the lockdown
Best skill during the lockdown

None of us knows that we will be locked down due to COVID-19 when we made our New Year resolution. You may have listed language on your new year resolution list as many people did, but now is the best time to learn a language during the lockdown.

Below are some reasons:

  1. Language is your best friend. Once you mastered the language, it will open a new world for you.
  2. Language does not change quickly. language is a life long skill. It will company you the whole life.
  3. Learning a language is good for cognitive abilities. Read the Seven Cognitive advantages to learn a foreign language.
  4. Learning a language improves your mental health if you learn with fun. Mimic it like a Lyrebird.

During the lockdown, you are living in a different life. Mental health becomes a very important thing you need to care for. You indeed saved the time wasted on the road but you may waste longer time on the Internet.
Many types of research have proved that surfing the Internet without a clear purpose will cause anxiety. The best way to spend your extra time is to learn a new skill that can bring you fun and last long. Language is the best choice.

If you lost your job or worry about your career, language skill will help you find a new opportunity during this uncertain time. According to the global job-seeking website Monsters, language skill is one of the top skills that will help you find a new job during the lockdown time. It is better to get a globally recognised language certificate like the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK).

If you are a business owner or retired, learning a language can help you free from the stress and prepare for your next overseas trip. Join with the millions of people to learn the BBC Talking Japanese or BBC talking Mandarin Chinese online.

If you are a student or a parent with young students at home, we have online private lesson or classes to help students with their assignments and improve their Japanese or Chinese skills.

What is the best way to learn a language? We compared the pros and cons of class and the private lesson in a blog posted in 2018. We didn’t offer online classes until the lockdown because we believe a language is a communication tool and face-face learning is very important. However, after we started our online teaching on Zoom, people can now enjoy our high-quality Japanese and Chinese classes from anywhere. Our teachers put great effort to make Zoom lesson as interesting and interactive as face-face teaching and all the students are now enjoying the classes on Zoom.

Private or class online? It is your choice. Our private lessons are very flexible on time. No matter where you are you can join our Japanese or Chinese class at the time suits you. Just book online and we will send you the Zoom invitation. Our class lessons have small groups so everyone can be looked after.

If you want to join the class the current class timetable does not suit you, you can also invite your family, friends or colleagues to learn together. Please contact us for a group discount.

We also offer special price for people who are locked down for couple of weeks. Please contact us for details.