Plan to learn a language in 2020? We are here to help. No matter how AI or machine translation advance, people like to talk with people. Language is a skill that will open a new world for you. So many studies have proved there are many benefits of learning a […]

Learn a language in 2020

The Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan now and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic makes Japan even more attractive not only for tourists but also for people who want to study or work in Japan. If you are one of the people who plan to study or work in Japan, here […]

Things you need to know if you want to study ...

Japan Exchange and Teaching 1
Want working experice in Japan? Take the JET (Japane Exchange and Teaching) Programme. What is JET? JET is the largest and the best organised international exchange programme in the world. JET is operated by Japan local authorities with the support of three powerful Japanese Ministries. Here is the structure of […]

Want working experience in Japan?

Why Learn a language?
While it is better to learn a languge from a young age, the scientfic studies shown it is never too late to learn a language. And there are benefits for all age groups to learn a language.

Why learn a language in 2019?

It may be a little bit early to think about New Year Resolutions, but if you want to help your children improve their Mandarin or Japanese language skills in 2019, please enrol them to our Intensive Chinese Class or Intensive Japanese Class for high school students. Date: 14 – 25 […]

Chinese & Japanese Intensive Course for High School Students

The best way to learn a language 1
Learning a language is one of the top New Year Resolution. But what is the best way to learn a language? Class or private tutoring? Or the trending online and language learning Apps? Do you know that 92% of New Year’s resolution fail? We can help you reach your language […]

What is the best way to learn a language? Class ...