Mandarin and Japanese Company Training

If you want to get a new client or customer, you need to know what he/she wants. Knowing their languages is a great advantage.

For Chinese and Japanese clients, knowing their language is much more important. This is because most of the super-rich Chinese and senior Japanese clients do not speak English and they like to deal with people who can speak their language – Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese.

You do not need to master Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese in a professional level for M&A and read the contract in Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese, leave this to the professional team like lawyers and bankers who are paid to do this.

However, it will help you and your business if you can greeting and exchange some jokes in Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese. It is more important to understand the key points of the meeting so not be fooled by the interpreter.

Don’t you have such an experience during a business meeting? You talked five minutes but the interpreter only spoke one minute; while you spoke one minute, the interpreter talked five minutes and they were all laughing.

Our company training will help you get out of this situation. We will not just teach you how to speak a language we also train you how to understand the language.

The benefit of our Mandarin(Chinese) language training:

  • Increase productivity
    – As French Proverb “A man who knows two languages is worth two men.” Your money spends will bring higher productivity and better value.
  • Help your employee
    – Most of your employee would like to learn Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese. Language training is a very good incentive and keeps good staff stay longer.
  • Suit your time
    – morning tea time, lunch break, afternoon tea time or even after the business hour if you want to work harder. One hour for a personal lesson, and 1.5 hours for a group lesson. We can also conduct a half day or full day intensive Mandarin (Chinese) or Japanese language training.
  • Save your time 
    – At your office and save your travel time.
  • Tailored to your needs
    – The lesson contents are tailored to your business and industry needs. We also offer you cross culture training as well. Our clients including mining cooperation, real estate agent, lawyer, banker, healthcare and tourism industry.
  • Have fun
    – Our experienced language instructor will make the lesson full of fun. Language is not hard, just Mimic It. 

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