Company Training – Knowing your Chinese Customers

If you want to get new customers you need to know what they want. Understanding their languages and culture is a great advantage. This is where our China & Chinese company training can help.

Speaking Chinese is more important if you want to win & keep Chinese customers. This is because most of the super-rich Chinese customers and the senior Chinese clients do not speak English and they like to deal with people who can speak their language – Mandarin (Chinese).

We will not only teach you how to speak Mandarin but also train you on how to understand the Chinese business culture.

The Company training process:

SPIN: Situation > Programme > Instruction > New Skill

Other benefits of our Mandarin(Chinese) language training:

  1. Increase productivity
    – As a French Proverb said, “A man who knows two languages is worth two men.” Your money spends will bring higher productivity and better value.
  2. Retain good employee
    – Most of your employee would like to learn Mandarin (Chinese) as a lifelong skill. Language training is a very good incentive and keeps good staff stay longer.
  3. Suit your time & save travel
    – We can conduct the training at your time and at your place. We have 2-hour, half-day and full-day course for you to choose from. We now also offer one-hour private training online.
  4. Tailor to your needs
    – The contents are tailored to your business needs. We also offer you cross-culture training as well. Our clients include mining cooperation, real estate agent, lawyer, banker, healthcare and tourism industry.
  5. Have fun
    – Our experienced language instructor will make the lesson full of fun. Learning a language is not hard, just Mimic It. 

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