From Mass learning to tailored education – A view from a language tutor

In Mr Gonski’s “Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools” published in March 2018, one of the key recommendation is “Australian students should receive a world-class school education, tailored to individual learning needs, and relevant to a fast-changing world.”

This is very true though not a new observation.

Confucius taught us long time ago “Teaching students in accordance of their aptitude is essential”. 

While the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Education Minister Simon Birmingham support this report, many people are questioning how a teacher can pay attention to everyone in a mass class of over 20 students.

How to change from “industrial education” to “individual education”? A tutor system is the best answer.

At Lyrebird Language Centre, we always treat student individually. We understand how important as an individual to learn a second language.

  • Our classes are limited to 10 students. Most of classes have 5-6.
  • The class is about one hour to two hours with different activities. We know concentration during the class is the most efficient way for children to learn and their concentration can not last long. Mimic with fun is the key of our teaching method.
  • One to one conversation during the class time and ensure all the students keep at the same or similar level.
  • We assign homework and online test to measure the progress of the student every week.
  • Offer private tutoring to students who cannot catch up with their school or class.

It is unrealistic to expect the school teacher can focus on your child only. If your children cannot catch up with the school class, find a good tutor for them.

We have helped many students improved their Japanese or Mandarin score from C to A.

With the new NAPLAN replace the current OP system next year, the Japanese and Mandarin curriculum will be improved to the higher level as other languages. The students need to memorise more Kanji and Chinese characters.

If your children are struggling with their Japanese or Mandarin study in their school, please contact us.

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