How to choose a good online language class?

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Language is the tool for communication.

We always think the best way to learn a language is a face-to-face small class or private lesson with a good teacher.

Many people read our blog “How to choose a good language Class for your children?” and found a good language class.

However, if we cannot attend class like now, online learning becomes the only option while we are all staying at home.

The problems are there are so many online language courses and few guides on how to choose a good online language course.

To help you find a good language course online, here are some tips.

Firstly, you need to know there are two kinds of online language courses and you should choose the one with a teacher.

  • Online self-study course: Learn without a real teacher. Follow the flashcard, audio or video.
  • Online lessons: Learn from a tutor online.

The 1st option is only a tool, without a teacher or tutor, it is hard to learn a language properly.

The 2nd option really depends on the tutor. Not every native speaker can be a language teacher. If the tutor never taught a face-face class, she can not be a good online tutor.

What is a good teacher?

A good teacher needs to understand the student’s goal, learning habit and then tailor the lesson for the student.

As Confucius said “teaching students according to their aptitude”.

Secondly, when you choose an online language course, please check:

  1. Do they teach face-to-face classes? Find out if they are a proper language organisation.
  2. How is their reputation? Don’t read what they say, read what their students say. Google review is a good start.
  3. Do they offer a free consultation? Have a chat before you enrol to any classes.

Finally, remember, it is not the money you paid but the value you get from the online lesson that matters.

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