How to find a good Japanese tutor or Mandarin teacher?

We talked about the cost of language study for kids and the cost of language study for adults. The answer is the TIME: the time of your kids and the time of yourself.

In order not to waste the time, the most important thing is to find a good language school for Japanese and Mandarin. But how to find a good Japanese tutor ro Mandarin teacher?

The answer is TIME again. The Japanese tutor or Mandarin teacher should know how to TIME.

T:   Teaching – Know what to teach (what you need) and how to teach. Teach something useful.

I:    Inspiring – Not to bore the students with grammars and rules, let them know how their life will be different after mastering Japanese or Mandarin.

M:  Motivating – Understand the goal of the students and help them reach the goal at the end of the language course.

E:   Entertaining – Teach students with fun games and activities so they can learn the real language with interest.

At Lyrebird Language Centre, we teach Japanese & Mandarin with fun – Mimic it like Lyrebird.

If you want to find a good Japanese tutor or Mandarin teacher, we are here to help.

Please contact us.

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