How to keep your children learning Mandarin? 1

It is not easy to persuade your children to start Mandarin study, it is even harder to keep them learning Mandarin.

We often hear parents complaining that their children are board with Mandarin classes and do not want to continue. It is a pity that if your children give up Mandarin and wasted all the time and money you invested on them.

How to keep your children learning Mandarin? More impotently, how to ensure they can get the benefit from the Mandarin skills they learnt for their future careers?

The answer is to keep their curiosity and interest.

Since Mandarin is not a compulsory subject at school, you cannot force your children learn Mandarin. However, children are full of curiosity and they will learn something they are interested in naturally. If your children can keep their curiosity and interest in Mandarin study, they will continue.

Below are three tips to keep your children learning Mandarin:

  1. Find a small class with laugh:
    You should find a class not bigger than 10 students and the teacher can use pictures, games, music and other methods to keep the children laughing. After many study classes at school, the children deserve something they can enjoy. If your children are bored about their Mandarin class, do not just force them to go, let them try some other Mandarin schools.
  2. Keep them concentrate and speak:
    Most children can only concentrate on one topic less than one hour. It is hard to let them sit three hours at weekend to study Mandarin. Couple of students improved their Mandarin skills after moving to our one-hour class. We know young people like talking, so we give them most opportunity to talk in the class, but not in English, they have to speak in Mandarin.
  3. Set a goal and feel the achievement:
    Learning Mandarin need to be fun, but is different with a “play group”. We set the goal for every week, so the children can feel achievement and want to learn more. We believe a short class with many home practices are the key to improve students’ language level. The text book and the homework sheet/audio are very important.

We have many students learning Mandarin with us for over five years. They try their best to come to the Mandarin classes. A boy who cannot come to our weekend class asked his mum drive him to have a private lesson at 6:30am before school.

There is no magic, just keep their curiosity and interest.

If you children have learnt Mandarin for couple of years, test their skills below and try our advanced Mandarin Class.




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