How to say C Suite in Mandarin?

C Suites are the titles for the top management team of a company. These job titles all start with C – Chief.

The long list starts from CEO to COO, CFO, CTO, CDO, CMO, CIO, CCO … you name it and they get it.

If you want to know what the title mean and how much money they get, please read this article.

We are not going to discuss if these job titles are useful or worthful, we believe it is worth of translating them to Mandarin.

Job title plays a very important role in Chinese business culture, all the C Suites need a business card in Mandarin when they do business with China.

C Suite: 公司高管

Below are the top five C Suite titles:

  1. CEO : Chief Executive Officer 首席执行官
  2. COO :Chief Operated Officer 首席运营官
  3. CFO :Chief Finacial Officer 首席财务官
  4. CTO :Chief Technology Officer 首席技术官
  5. CIO :Chief Information Officer 首席信息官

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