Japanese for High School Students

No matter you are current high school students or just graduated from high school, we can help you improve your Japanese language skills and score based on the new QCAA Japanese Syllabus and the International Baccalaureate system (IB).

The class will also help you prepare JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5 and get two credits for QCE.

China & Chinese - Company training

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- What to understand more about China and Chinese language?

Online company training is avaiable now to help your staff working from home and learning from home -

No matter your are exporting to China or selling to Chinese consumers here in Australia, our well structured 'China & Chinese - Things you need to know for business' will help you and your staff understand your Chinese customers.

Company training process: SPIN

  • Situation: You tell us what you want and we will discuss with you about your Situation.
  • Programme: Design the Programme based on your Situation. We currently have 2 hour course, half day course and full day course.
  • Instruction: Conduct the training in two-ways: instruction & interaction
  • New Skill: Valuate the skills you learnt and design new skill path way for further development.

Onsite training programs: We have three group (upto 20 people) course for you to choose from:

  1. 2 Hour Course (Your office)
  2. Half Day Course (Your office)
  3. Full Day Course (Your Office)

Special Online training offer

  • For up to 10 staff to study online as a group
  • 10 hours: 5 weeks x 2 hours
  • Pack value: $3,000, Special Offer for corporate clients: $2,500

You can also buy Gift card for your employee to learn Chinese or Japanese online.

Buy the giftcards here.

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