Japanese for JLPT Test

JLPT N5 preparation course helps beginners learn Japanese with a goal to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The entry-level is JLPT N5.


  • Be able to read typical expressions and basic sentences written in hiragana, katakana and basic kanji.
  • Learn about 800 words and 100 Kanji.
  • Understand short and slow-spoken conversations in basic daily life.
  • Gain skills for JLPT N5 test and learn Japanese for future study.

What is JLPT?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the only globally recognised Japanese language skill test. A certificate of JLPT will help you with your career or future study in Japan.

The JLPT has five levels N5 to N1. N5 is the easiest level.

JLPT N5 has two parts: Language knowledge (Vocabulary & Grammar) and Listening.

The following table gives a summary of JLPT N5 pass marks.

JLPT N5 Points & Time
JLPT N5 Points & Time

To pass the JLPT N5 you need to get:

  • 80 points out of 180 total points (44.4%)
  • Minimum 38 points out of 120 points in language knowledge (31.6%)
  • Minimum 19 points out of 60 points in listening (31.6%)

As you can see above, you do not need to answer all the questions correctly to pass JLPT N5 and get the JLPT N5 Certificate.

Once you passed the above three marks, you will get the Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate. Please contact us if you want to see a sample JLPT N5 Certificate.

JLPT N5 test is conducted in Brisbane twice (July and December) every year.

If you are a high school students you can get two ATAR credit points if you pass JLPT N5.

Our JLPT N5 preparation course helps you with the test, but it depends on yourself to memorise the vocabulary, practise the grammar drills and improve your listening skills.

Our Japanese tutor has taught Japanese for over 25 years and helped many high school students get “A” in their Japanese exams. We have guided some students to pass JLPT and get ATAR credit.