Business Mandarin (Chinese) for Beginners

For people who want to learn Mandarin for business just for simple conversations, we will recommend BBC Talking Mandarin Chinese,

If you want to learn Mandarin in a professional way (reading and writing), please join our ‘Chinese for Professional – HSK‘ courses.

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These are our digital gift cards for different classes.

  1. $60 gift card for one 60 minutes private lesson online. You can choose any private classes we offer.
  2. $150 gift card for 5 x 1 hour "China & Chinese - Things you need to know about China for business". A great gift for your employees.
  3. $540 gift card for 10 x 60 minutes private lessons online with 10% discount (orginal price is $600).

After the purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it. The card can be used as payment for the classes we have.

- All prices will add GST -

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