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What is HSK?

The New HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) – Chinese Proficiency Test is officially and universally recognised as the only standardised exam against which the Chinese language proficiency of all non- native Chinese speakers can be evaluated.

HSK has six levels. The table below shows the relationship between the levels of the CLPS (Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages) and CEF (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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Why take the HSK Test?

There are 3 reasons to take HSK test.

  1. Set a clear goal for your Chinese language study. As shown at the above table, HSK has clear levels to help you set a goal. It normally takes 30 hours to pass HSK Level 1 & HSK Level 2; 60 hours to pass HSK Level 3 & 4, and 100 hours to pass HSK level 6. We use the textbook closely related to HSK test to follow the principle of “test-teaching cooperation”.
  2. Help you learn the Chinese language in a systematic and effective way:  There are many different Chinese language courses. We also offer Business Mandarin Course for business people who don’t want to sit for exams and just want to learn some basic dialogues for business.  However, if you really want to learn Mandarin as a language skill, our HSK preparation course will help you improve your Chinese language skills in a systematic and effective way.
  3. Get an official certificate of your Chinese language skill: HSK is no doubt the most credible official certificate for Chinese language skill. Once you pass the HSK test, you will receive the HSK certificate. The HSK certificate is very important for studying and working in China.†

How to prepare the HSK test?

We do not only teach you Mandarin, we also teach you how to learn Mandarin.

If you want to know how to prepare the HSK test, please read our blog here.

The most cost-effective way to pass HSK is to join our HSK preparation course.