Mandarin (Chinese) Class for High School Students

From 2020, The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has changed the recognition of Chinese language study to HSK level 6 for two QCE credits.

HSK 6 is the highest level of HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test). According to research, there are only 130 Non-Chinese background Australians who reached HSK level 6.

According to HSK official website ” Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level VI) can easily comprehend written and spoken information in Chinese and can effectively express themselves in Chinese, both orally and on paper. “

In summary, it is not easy to pass HSK 6 if you only learn at high school Chinese class.

We helped many high school students with their assignments and we found while they can memorise what they learnt and complete the assignment, but they do not have structured language skills. Most of them would forget what they learnt after the exam.

We strongly recommend you to learn HSK standard course and plan to get HSK2 & HSK3 certificate before you graduate from high school. The HSK certificate will shine your C.V.

You can now enrol on our HSK classes in-person or online from the list below. You can get the HSK1 or HSK2 certificate in 2021.

You can now register our new Tuesday afternoon class (4 – 5:30 PM) at St Jamese Colledge.