Mandarin (Chinese) Short Course for Business people

Aim: This Short Course is to help people prepare their visit to China for business or holiday.

The course emphasis is placed on daily conversation skills so you can survive in China.

This is an Eight-Week course with 1.5 hour each lesson.


  1. Greeting people
  2. Introducing yourself
  3. Introducing your friends
  4. Making an appointment with someone
  5. Booking hotel and finding facilities
  6. Ordering food and drink in a restaurant
  7. Asking for direction and taking taxi
  8. Shopping and barging
  9. Emergency and safety
  10. Useful Apps for revelling in China

We have Mandarin (Chinese) short course in Brisbane CBD and North Brisbane at different time.

We can also offer you an intensive Mandarin course or private Chinese lesson just for you.

Please contact us for details.

Mandarin (Chinese) Tutor Phone: 0405073523.