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HSK Test 2019 Dates in Brisbane

The HSK Test dates of 2019 in Brisbane at UQ are:

  1. March 23 (Saturday)
  2. May 11 (Saturday)
  3. August 17 (Saturday)
  4. September 22 (Sunday)
  5. Octomber 13 (Sunday)

You must register online one month before the test date. For example, if you want to take HSK test on 23 March, you must register online no later than 22 February.

Why take HSK test?

HSK is the most recognised Chinese language skill certificate. Sitting for a HSK test will help you with your future study or carreer. Even if you learn Mandarin for travel or hobby, the HSK test will help you put a step stone for your learning Chinese journey.

How to prepare for the HSK test?

You can attend our HSK classes for HSK test preparation.

We have different courses to help you reach your goal.

We believe you can pass HSK level 1 after 30-hour study with us. So please plan your HSK test carefully.

If you want to sit for the 17 August test, we suggest you attend our Intensive HSK Preparation class from 1 – 12 July, 3:30 – 6:30 PM Monday – Friday.

This intensive HSK class is designed for high school students who want to utilise the school holiday time and learn the Chinese language.

This course is also suitable for anyone who has time and wants to learn the Chinese language in a short time.

If you are working and do not have time attending afternoon class, you can join our Intensive Mandarin Business Class 1 – 15 July, 5:45 to 8:15 PM Monday – Friday. We will also teach HSK as well as practical business conversation.

For people who want to attend weekly class and sit for 17 August HSK test, please join our new weekly HSK class 29 April – 5 July from 4:00 – 5:30 PM. You can choose Tuesday or Friday class.

Similarly, if you do not have time in the afternoon, you can join our Business Mandarin class from 1 May to 5 July at 5:45 – 7:15 PM on Wednesday or Friday.

Want to pass HSK test in 2019?

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