Survival Japanese for Traveling Japan

Japan is famous for beautiful nature, lovely foods, kind services and great transport. Japan is also voted as the best value overseas destinations for Australians in 2017 by Traveler’s readers recently.

However, English is not well spoken in Japan and you need to know some basic Japanese to survive and enjoy your trip in Japan.

We understand travel is for fun and you don’t want to sitting in a classroom to memories boring vocabularies and sentences.

Our Survival Japanese for Traveling Japan course is designed for people who plan to travel to Japan and have fun.

This course covers the basic dialogues needed in everyday situations for a traveler and we will also help you plan your trip and answer your questions about Japan.

  1. Introduction to Japan and Japaneses: Where to go and what to do? Basic information about Japan and Japanese. It is not hard to learn Japanese.
  2. Get to there: Asking directions and know how to take train or call a taxi. Introduce JR Pass and other ways to save money on transport.
  3. Have a coffee: Ordering a drink in a coffee shop. How to order your Flat-white in Japan?
  4. Shopping: Understanding price in yen. Tips for shopping and bargain.
  5. Night time: Check in hotel, find a good dinner and enjoy Karaoke. Introduce Japanese foods and culture.

This 5 x 1.5 hour lesson will have two parts: one hour language lesson and half hour culture chat and practice.

The course enable you communicate in basic situation and have more fun in Japan.

Call your friends and have a group lesson together, or we can off your a private lesson.

Please contact us for details.



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