Three things you need to attract Chinese tourists

We all know there are more and more Chinese visitors come to Australia and they spend more and more money as well.

The chart below from Tourism Australia clearly showed the sharp and continuous increase of Chinese visitors to Australia in the past five years and the money they spent.

Chinese Visitors & Spending

2013-2018 Chinese Visitors & Spending (Source: Tourism Australia Website)

Chinese visitors are also the largest and most valuable tourists for Queensland. According to TIQ (Trade & Investment Queensland) there are over half a million Chinese tourists visited Queensland and spent over one billion in 2017. It is about $2,000 per person spent in Queensland.

However, according to Tourism Australia, Chinese visitors spent 10 billion in Australia with average spending per trip reached $8,455 per person. It seems Chinese tourists spent much less in Queensland.

In fact, no matter how many Chinese visitors visited Australia or Queensland, it is the number of Chinese visitors who visited your place that counters. To be more clearly, it is the “money” the Chinese visitors spent on your services or goods that brings you the profit.

So many businesses are trying to attract Chinese visitors and there are so many advices on how to attract Chinese visitors and be “China Ready”.

TEQ (Tourism & Events Queensland) has put many resources on their website to help you “Become China Ready“.

Firstly, you can read “Queensland Asia Tourism Strategy”, and learn more about strategy.  You can read online (55 pages).

Secondly, you can learn “China Masterclass” organised by Destination Q on YouTube. There are a total of 11 workshops. There are other Masterclasses on their website as well.

Thirdly, you can now read all the factsheets and get yourself ready for Chinese visitors. To help you read all these factsheets, I added the list below with links:

  1. China Ready Factsheet
  2. Chinese Traveller Factsheet
  3. Chinese Cultural Overview
  4. Understanding the Chinese Independent Traveller
  5. Chinese Visitor Expectation
  6. Communication in Chinese

You can continue to learn about the “Digital Marketing for the China Market” on Youtube or learn Mandarin online (the link document not found).

If you still want to know more, the website also give you the link to “Tourism Australia’s China 2020 Strategy Plan” (the link document not found).

As mentioned at the “Export to China” panel discussion organised by ACBC QLD, one of the biggest challenge for Australian business to do business with China is “too much”; too much information, too many competitors and too many experts. For your business, it is important to have a focus. This is especially true for SMEs who are mainly time poor and cash tight.

To keep focus, we believe you only need to do THREE things:

1. Have a Wechat account:

Wechat is the most popular social medial in China. It is very easy to set up  and use it as a communication tool with your Chinese consumers. Cannot speak Chinese? No worries! The Wechat translation function works very well for daily conversation and more and more Chinese visitors can speak English now. Wechat marketing is not hard neither. (We can help set you up and begin your advertising).

2. Give Freebies

Chinese visitors like freebies. Free WiFi is very important for Chinese visitors. They always work on their phone to keep contacts with their families and friends and to show-off what they see, eat and think. Free WiFi can help them post photos of your place. If you believe “there is no free lunch”, then ask them to scan your WeChat QR code to get access to the WiFi, so you can grow your customer base. Chinese shoppers like bargaining. To help them dig deeper in their pocket, you can give freebies to stimulate their purchasing. You can learn this by visiting souvenir shops for Chinese visitors and you will see many “Buy Three get One Free” posters. If you do not want to go down that way (too commercial), then prepare some freebies when they purchase over an amount that can earn you more money to buy double or even more the “Freebies”. Do not give cheap “freebies”, something of “YOU” is more important. For example, a T-shirt with your logo or humorous phrases. If you have nothing to give free, prepare some FREE hot water for them to refill their tea. Put on a poster “Free to take photos”.

3. Be China Ready but keep your Australian authenticity

Chinese visitors came a long way to Australia to see Australia. Speaking Mandarin is important, but people connect by heart. When you learn Mandarin for business, you need to learn by the heart, not by the head. One famous CEO of a big company once said he learns Mandarin to show his respect to Chinese culture and Chinese language. All the business discussion are conducted in English, but Chinese clients like his attitude so they are connected by heart.

To help local small and medium businesses to attract Chinese visitors and benefit from their visiting and shopping, Lyrebird Language Centre offers a free consultation to help you get “China Ready” and then assist you to go through “China Pathway”.

If you want to know more, please contact us.

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