Translation or Transnovation?

Translation is getting easier with the help of AI technology. In the past couple years, Google Translate has improved a lot. Many experts forecast that translators and interpreters will lost their jobs in the future because of AI technology. But a new job will be created and cannot be replaced by AI. It is “Transnovation”.


Translation in an Innovative Way

Translation in an Innovative Way

It is easier for AI to translate one language to another language linguistically. In fact, AI can do much faster and preciser. AI translantion is great for technology and diplomatic documents which need to be true to the original documents.

However, for business documents (exclude contract and other league documents) it is more important to “transnovate” the contents in the way that can attract the readers and lead the readers to take actions. This is especially true to the website, brochures and other marketing documents.

There are many companies using Google translate for their website. It is still acceptable if there is a new Google translate window showing the translate result which will at least help the readers understand what is about the business. There will be many mistakes but the reader will understand these mistakes were caused by Google translate, not your company. But do not use Google translate to translate your website and paste on your website. This may damage your business reputation.

If you want to have a Chinese or Japanese website, your would be better to do it properly. Even traditional human “translation” may not receive the good result.

It is not the language but the contents of the language that matter.

At Lyrebird Language Centre, we believe every business is different and we help them create Chinese and Japanese website, brochures and other marketing documents based on their business needs and lead the consumers to read and take actions.

Our LATTE approach.

  • Listen: We listen first and read your documents.

  • Ask:  We ask questions to understand your needs.

  • Think: we think about what your Chinese or Japanese consumers will like to know about you.

  • Transnovate: We put your English contents in the way that your targeted clients would like to read and take action. This is “Transnovate”.

  • Engage: We believe a Chinese or Japanese website is just a start. We engage with you and your Chinese or Japanese consumers to ensure it works.

Please contact us and have a LATTE.

We translate for you in an innovative way.

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