It may be a little bit early to think about New Year Resolutions, but if you want to help your children improve their Mandarin or Japanese language skills in 2019, please enrol them to our Intensive Chinese Class or Intensive Japanese Class for high school students. Date: 14 – 25 […]

Chinese & Japanese Intensive Course for High School Students

New Syllabus
From 2019 (only 78 days away at the time of writing), all Year 11 and 12 students will face a new syllabus, curriculum, and a different assessment model. These are the biggest changes to senior schooling in changes in over 40 years.  The main changes are: Changing from OP to […]

Are you ready for the new Chinese & Japanese Syllabuses ...

Chinese Visitors & Spending
We all know there are more and more Chinese visitors come to Australia and they spend more and more money as well. The chart below from Tourism Australia clearly showed the sharp and continuous increase of Chinese visitors to Australia in the past five years and the money they spent. […]

Three things you need to attract Chinese tourists

成语 (Chéng Yǔ, Idiom) is an important part of Chinese culture, especially in Chinese literature. Most 成语 (Chéng Yǔ, Idiom) are derived from ancient literatures, the earliest 成语 (Chéng Yǔ, Idiom) was created over 2,500 years ago and many of them are still used today. Generally, 成语 (Chéng Yǔ, Idiom) […]

Chinese Wisdom – 成语 (Chéng Yǔ, Idiom)

Tailored Education
In Mr Gonski’s “Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools” published in March 2018, one of the key recommendation is “Australian students should receive a world-class school education, tailored to individual learning needs, and relevant to a fast-changing world.” This is very true though not a […]

From Mass learning to tailored education – A view from ...

How much should you pay a tutor?
How much should you pay a language tutor for you or your child? Let’s have a look of the average market rate of a tutor in USA, Australian and China (Beijing). In USA, the hour rate of a tutor ranging from US$30 – US$40 per hour for a high school […]

How much should you pay a language tutor?

Most people are looking for a good Mandarin tutor for themselves or their children. But some people need to find a good Mandarin tutor for the executives. The boss. How to find a good Mandarin tutor for the executives, your boss? You may think it is strange when your boss […]

How to find a good Mandarin tutor for your boss?

How to keep your children learning Mandarin 1
It is not easy to persuade your children to start Mandarin study, it is even harder to keep them learning Mandarin. We often hear parents complaining that their children are board with Mandarin classes and do not want to continue. It is a pity that if your children give up […]

How to keep your children learning Mandarin?

Basic 500 chinese Characters
Should I learn Chinese characters and how many Chinese characters I need to learn? These are the two popular questions from our students. Should I learn Chinese characters? The answer is YES. Here are the three reasons: Pinyin is only a tool: Pinyin was published by Chinese government in 1958 […]

How many Chinese characters you need?