What do you need to know about the HSK change?

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Since last year there was a rumore that HSK will change from current six levels to nine levels.

We summarised the news in our blog “Will HSK Change to 9 Levels?” in June 2020.

It is now official in the newly published “Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education (GF0025-2021)” that HSK will change to “three levels and nine bands”.

However, according to Li Pei Ze, the author of “HSK Standard Course” textbook and in charge of HSK that “HSK will add HSK Advanced (Level 7 to 9) to maintain the stability of the existing 6 levels, and optimize the adjustment to “three levels and nine bands”.

What do you need to know about the change?

  1. The new standard and HSK test are different. The new standard is a guideline and the HSK is a test system. The new standard will be implemented from 1 July 2021, but it will take some time for the HSK test to implement the new standard. According to our conversation with related parties, this may take two or three years before the new HSK exam fully updated.
  2. The new HSK test will be more difficult: Based on the new standard, level 1 will require more vocabularies. It seems the new HSK level 1 will be more difficult but the gap between level 2 and level 3 will be smaller.
  3. Your HSK score will not expire: If you have taken HSK, your HSK score will still be a valid lifetime. If you haven’t taken the HSK test, we suggest you take the HSK test as early as you can. The current HSK test has been conducting for many years and there are many materials that can help you prepare.

After all, if you are currently learning HSK or plan to learn HSK, you don’t need to be panic. We can help you prepare the HSK test and get the certificate before the new HSK test implement.

There will be some changes on the HSK standard course in the future, but the current textbook and workbook are still good to use. We were told the new textbook and workbook will not be ready for a while.