Why learn a language in 2019?

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Why Learn a language?

Learning a new language is a common New Year Resolution for many people.

Why learning a new languge?

You may hear people say that learning a language is waste of time now because the new AI tecnology enable you to communicate with other people speaking different languages through a “machine interpretor” or even on your smart phone.

However, learning a language is not just memorise the words and sentences it is about to understand a different culture. Language is a tool of communication. A language App or machine translater can only help a traveler to under some basic languages. A real communication should be between people not through the machine. The tone and the body language are a big part of the communication. You need to think using your brain and speak using your mouth.

Learning a language not only showing people you respect their language & culture but also helping you improve your brain power.

Boost your child’s brain power

The best time to learn a language is from a young age. BBC News Health (9/10/2013) introduced a research in “The Journal of Neuroscience” suggesting there is a critical window for language development between ages of two and four and explaining why young children are good at learning two languages.

The Education and Training Department of Victoria State Government explained how language can boost your child’s brain power as below:

  • Stimulate brain development
  • Significantly enhance English literacy skills
  • Improve memory, concentration and numeracy skills
  • Improve overall performance in school
  • Encourage respect and understanding of other cultures

If your child is in year 11 and year 12, they will study the new Chinese and Japanese syllabus which require more understanding of the languages and culture.

Are you ready for the new Chinese & Japanese syllabus in 2019? Read here.

Improve your career path and open a new world

Learning a language gives you the advantage to find more opportunities in your career. As of now on seek website, there are 668 jobs available if you speak Mandarin and 489 jobs available if you speak Japanese.

Speaking another language is not only about the job and money but a new language also enables you to understand another culture and enjoy your travel and friendship around the world.

Learning a language keeps the brain young

It is never too old to learn a language and learning a language may delay the Alzheimer’s disease.

While it is better to start learning a language while you were young, but it is never too late to start learning a new language.

The MIT scientists published their research paper “A critical period for second language acquisition: Evidence from 2/3 million English speakers” on the journal Cognition, Volume 177, August 2018, Pages 263-277.

The research revealed that starting learning a language before the age of 18 you have better chance of being a native-like speaker. However, the research data also showed that adult of any age can learn a language nealy as quickly as children. Read the A Medium Corporation website for more details.

Another research done by York University in Ontario says speaking another language may delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease according to Huffington Post Canada.

So what language to learn in 2019?

Any language study will have the same benefit as above.

Whatever language you choose, you must love it. The passion is the power to continue your study. What is your motivation?

Lyrebird language centre is specialised in Mandarin & Japanese languge. We are in Brisbane to help you learn Chinese & Japanese language whatever your purpose is. We teach you in the Lyrebird way:

“Mimic it with FUN”.

Lyrebird language centre

Please visit our 2019 Mandarin & Japanese language classes and choose the one suits you.

If you could not find the class suits your time, please contact us for a private lesson.

You can also organise a language company training for your employees.

We now have weekly classes after school or after work at 33 Herschel street, only 3 minutes walk from the Roma transport centre.

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