10 Years – Helping with Mandarin and Japanese language study

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Mandarin & Japanese Tutor in Brisbane

Mandarin & Japanese Language Study

Lyrebird Language Centre

10 Years since 2008

– Mimic it like a Lyrebird – ​

Lyrebird Language Centre was established on 8 August 2018.

We are so glad to help people from 3 years old to 83 years old learn Mandarin and Japanese.

Based in Brisbane, we do what we know well – Mandarin and Japanese language class and tutor.

Our goal is to help our students learn Mandarin and Japanese in an efficient way.

We understand everyone is different, so we have options for students to choose from – language class, private lesson and company training.

We help our students find the best way to learn Mandarin or Japanese.

We also help business translate their website, flyers and brochures to Chinese and Japanese, so they can attract more Asia customers.

We know the benefits of Kids learning a second language. We also often hear parents complaining the difficulties to keep their kids learning Mandarin or Japanese, so we give them the advice to keep their children learning Mandarin or Japanese.

We also understand that a language study does not only benefit the kids, it also has seven cognitive advantages. Many researches proved that bilinguals are smarter.   Learning Mandarin and Japanese can also help you find a job.

As an experienced teacher with near 30 years teaching in China, Japan, Singapore and Australia, I understand how hard to learn a foreign language and how important a good teacher can help the students.

We would like to thanks all our students who learnt Mandarin or Japanese with us in the past 10 years. Thanks for the kids who started before school age and now studying in the high schools; thanks and congratulates for the high school students who took our private lessons and got very good OP results; thanks for the school teachers who gave up their school holidays and joined our intensive teacher’s training course; thanks for the extremely busy company executives using their lunch time learning Mandarin.

We thanks all students who gave us feedbacks and we will keep doing what we are good at.

One decade is not a short time in our life. 10 years can make a big difference if you continue what you are doing.

Learning a language is FUN; Mimic it like a Lyrebird.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”
– Bill Gates

Great fun our 13 year old enjoys learning Japaneese with Elli, anyone who can make learning fun is doing the right job especially for young people
Eric Krcmar
I was trying to teach myself Japanese with online courses and not really getting anywhere, so I started a 10 week beginner Japanese course and it’s just fantastic. The teacher Elli is very patient and willing to explains over again until it clicks. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Japanese!
The teacher has been a great teacher! I started with a 10 week term, and have chosen to continue until the end of the year! Very patient and understanding, she teaches practical and relevant language skills, and is very supportive. ….
Very friendly and knowledgeable teachers. Move at your own pace. Great in preparation for HSK exam!
Vivienne Hartwig
Marketing Officer
The teacher has been teaching my children Mandarin for over 7 years. We could not be happier with the results. She has a genuine desire to see her students succeed and goes above and beyond for them. She also demonstrates a genuine love of language teaching and her enthusiasm leads to a wonderfull learning environment.
We cannot recommend Elli highly enough.
I have taken my children to several mandarin (chinese) classes around Brisbane over the years and it wasn’t until I found this one that I could see rapid results in their learning. The classes are engaging and challenging and the teaching philosophy clearly works. Lovely dedicated teachers.
Susie Sue
I took on the daunting task of teaching introductory Japanese, with no Japanese language experience myself. I required personalized and intensive tutoring. I found this at Lyrebird Language Centre. I now feel confident to continue my studies and to teach the basics to my students. I feel very supported; knowing that Lyrebird Lang. Centre will assist me with my studies and with any questions, I have in the future. This ongoing and personal support is amazing and I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful tutor.

Jodie Springhall
Japanese Teacher

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