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The Covid-19 changed the whole world and the life of many people in the past couple of months. What are the new skills required to get a new job for those who lost their job?

We asked Google for help and found “Language” is listed as one of the 10 best skills for your resumes (C.V).

Below are the top 10 hard skills and soft skills listed career guide website Indeed.

Top 10 Skills for job - Indeed
Top 10 hard and soft Skills – Indeed

Bilingule or multilingule is listed as the top one skills amoung the top 10 hard skills.

Language skills will also demonstrate your soft skills. A person with foreign language skills is likely more integrity, empathy and open-minded. Being bilingual or multilingual also indicate you are more willing to learn, be effective in communication, has a better adaptability and critical thinking.

Another job seek website Zipjob also listed the 10 most important skills to put on your resume.

10 Most important skills for job - Zipjob
10 Most important skills for job – Zipjob

The skill list is more related to IT industry with many computer and digital skills included. Foreign lanauge proficiecy skill is ranked No.5 this time, but applicable cerficates or degrees is ranked No. 2.

If you look at other skills they are either related to your major like IT, marketing or your personality like leadership skills.

Needless to say the foreign language skill is the skill that definitely puts you outstanding out of other applicants.

However, not all foreign language skills have the same weight. Mandarin Chinese & Japanese are the two most important foreign languages required by many employers. We listed the reasons in “Learn a language in 2020“.

The best way to put your language skills on your resumes is to have a recognised language certificate.

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – Chinese Language Proficiency Test) is the most globally recognised Chinese language certificate for people from non-Chinese background families. It has six levels and level 6 is the highest level. Our HSK preparation courses offer HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 classes. You can also enrol a private lesson if you want to learn HSK4 – HSK6.

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is the official Japanese language certificate. It has five levels with JLPT N1 the highest. JLPT N5 is entry-level, it not only help job seekers, but it also helps high school students to get extra ATAR bonus points. You can enrol our Japanese for JLPT N5 class here.

If you are over 45 years Australian citizen or PR and needs to learn a new skill to change to a safer job or find a new job if you were unemployed within three months, you may be eligible for the government SCOP program – Skills Checkpoint for Old Workers Program. This program will offer eligible people up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) as a co-contribution to fund re-skilling or up-skilling opportunities.

There are many jobs require Chinese or Japanese language skills. Do you want to know how many jobs require Chinese or Japanese language skills? We seek the Seek website and found 624 “Chinese” jobs and 201 “Japanese” jobs at the time we post this blog.


Language skill is not only important for resumes but also a skill that will open a new world for you. The longer you learn a foreign language the more benefit you will get. And it never outdated as other skills especially IT skills.

No matter what your situation is, learning a language skill will benefit your whole life.

We are here to help your learn Chinease & Japanese language with fun.

Mimic it like a Lyrebird.

If you want to know more information, please book a free consultation.

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