What is the best way to learn a language? Class or Private tutoring?

The best way to learn a language

Learning a language is one of the top New Year Resolution. But what is the best way to learn a language? Class or private tutoring? Or the trending online and language learning Apps?

Do you know that 92% of New Year’s resolution fail? We can help you reach your language learning goal by offering you the most suitable learning method for you.

Here are some general observation and suggestions from our over 25 year language teaching experience.

Language Class:

Language class suits the kids and young students the best. They like competition and games.

The key point for language class for kids and students is fun so they can learn well and continue learning with their friends. It is a long journey for kids and young students to learn a language. To keep them interested in the language study is the most important thing.

Language class also suits for social adult group who wants to learn Mandarin or Japanese for travelling or fun.

Another language class is for company training which all the attendees have the same goal and can meet at the same time.

Lyrebird Language Centre ensure our Mandarin and Japanese classes are in small size (less than 10 students) and ideal length ( 1 – 1.5 hour) so the students can have enough time to practise in the class while being concentrate at the same time.

Case Study-Class:

A parent contacted us advising her daughter Grace attended a weekend Chinese Language School for three years but still cannot write and speak Chinese as they expected. Grace likes Mandarin very much in the beginning, but was fed up with the Chinese School now because she has to learn three hours on Sunday morning without fun. After attending our one hour lesson as trial, Grace happily joined our Mandarin class and now her parents are very happy. We all know how important a teacher can affect a child’s future. Choose a good school is very important for your children.

Private Lesson:

Many business people contacted us and wanted to join our classes, but most of them ended with private lesson. This is because everyone has different goals and variable times. It is hard to commit date and time for a fixed class. Even for private lesson, some people prefer intensive course and some people prefer weekly tutoring.

For people who need to visit China immediately, our 25 hour intensive Mandarin Course is the most popular. This 10×2.5 hour course  (Two weeks with 2.5 hour per day) enable you understand and speak basic Mandarin at most business situation. It is a great course to prepare your first trip to China. We also teach you Chinese business culture and useful business Apps to help your trip to China. If you are keen to learn Mandarin, you should be able to find 2.5 hours every day for two weeks or even fiver hours per day for one week if you need to go to China soon. Most business people chose this course following with weekly lessons after they return back from China so they can improve their Mandarin skills. Language is a skill that you use it or lose it.

The biggest benefit for private lesson is to tailor to your need. We can meet you any time suits you in your office or in our Brisbane city office.

Case Study-Private Lesson:

One student learnt Mandarin for 18 months from a student from China. The tutor fee might be cheap but he found what he learnt did not suit his business need when he visited China. His Chinese partner told him his Mandarin language is too casual and not for business. He now wants to learn Business Mandarin with the ability to read Chinese characters.

Not every Chinese can teach Mandarin. The time is money and Lyrebird Language Centre offer you the best value private lesson to help you reach your goal in an efficient way.

Online course and Language Apps

With the new technology it is never so easy to learn a language online or use a language App. There are so many online language courses and language Apps can help you.

Online language courses and language Apps are great resources and tools for language learning. Lyrebird Language Centre also offer online lessons for people outside Brisbane or do not want to travel.

However, language is a communication tool, it is better to learn from a people not a robot.

We believe face-face teaching is still the best way to learn a language, but Online and Apps are great tools for self practise.

Case Study-Online course:

One company paid an online course for their employees to learn Mandarin. Six months later, the employees asked for a tutor because they found it is very hard to learn online only. We conducted a weekly tutoring for the team and they fully appreciated the value of face-face teaching.

What is the best way of way of learning a language really depends on your situation.

No matter what your situation is Lyrebird Language Centre has solutions for you. We offer you the best value Mandarin and Japanese classes, private tutoring and online tutoring.

Please contact us for a free consultation.

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